Physical Therapy

Many people, when they think of physical therapy, think of massage and exercise. Although these are definite components, physical therapy is much broader. Dr. Rinehart, Dr. Frank, Dr. Peaden, Dr. Scott Champagne, Dr. Brannon Chester, Mrs. Garbiec, Mr. Holtgrewe, Mr. Simon Haussmann and Ms.Karen Mathers all have medical backgrounds. They have studied etiology (origin of injury/disease), pathology and treatment (surgical and non-surgical) of dysfunctions that affect the musculoskeletal system. They are licensed professionals who are experts in musculoskeletal dysfunctions. They have extensive training to analyze movement and identify abnormal mechanics. From their assessment they will treat a dysfunction in the appropriate way that will accelerate the recovery process. To enhance this treatment, they will design a specific program that is tailored to the patient.  Remember, there is no magic one way…but there is something to be said about the combination of ways that we tailor for you.

What is the Practice of Physical Therapy?

The care and service provided by, or under the direction and supervision of, a Physical Therapist licensed by the state of Florida. It includes:

  • Examining, evaluating and testing individuals with health and movement related conditions in order to determine a diagnosis, prognosis, plan of therapeutic intervention, and to assess the on-going effects of intervention.
  • Alleviating impairments and functional limitations by designing, implementing, and modifying therapeutic interventions that include, but are not limited to therapeutic exercise.
  • Reducing the risk of injury, impairment, functional limitation and disability, including the promotion and maintenance of fitness, health and quality of life in all age populations.
  • Engaging in administration, consultation, education and research.

See this A.P.T.A. press release:

“PHYSICAL THERAPISTS OFFER LOW-COST SOLUTION TO HIGH-COST EXPENDITURES FOR SPINAL CONDITIONS” Why is Physical Therapy different at First Choice Physical Therapy?We at First Choice Physical Therapy understand that there are many options for physical therapy services out there. This is why our name “First Choice” is so fitting. It is our goal to provide the best quality physical therapy services so that your first choice will always be First Choice Physical Therapy.

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